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Janice Chaka – Introvert Leadership Coach

No matter the personality type, burnout, impostor syndrome, and leadership are experiences we will all face. Embrace your introversion and use it as an asset on your journey

What Makes Janice Different

  • So many speakers have “signature talks” where you get the same talk again and again
  • Janice will work with you to make whatever theme you pick work for your audience
  • You have the option of having a keynote or something more interactive with follow up work, topics, workshops etc
  • Janice has helped run many events before and knows how to work with planners

My vision is to create a world where introverts feel empowered and inspired to lead with their unique strengths, free from burnout, impostor syndrome, and self-doubt.


As a passionate leader, I specialize in helping people achieve their goals and fulfill their potential. With a background in HR and expertise in impostor syndrome coaching, I help those who feel overwhelmed by the corporate world to build confidence and take charge of their professional lives. My approach combines empathy, knowledge of the latest industry trends, and an understanding of introverted leadership styles to create sustainable change for my clients.

I have been successful in leading workshops, seminars and one-on-one consultations that promote increased self-awareness among my clients. Through this work I’ve helped countless individuals gain insight into their unique strengths as leaders within the workplace.

Presentation Options

Janice collaborates with you to create a program that achieves your aims.

Each topic can be:

• A 45- to 90-minute keynote
• Expanded into a half or full-day breakout workshop or training session (which can include one-on-one coaching)
• A follow-up webinar
• Presented virtually

She can present a keynote speech that can continue being strengthened through structured training and additional content.


*Travels from the Northeastern region of the United States

Keynote Topics Include 

Burnout and impostor syndrome: "The two silent killers in the workplace

Are you struggling with feeling like a fraud at work? Do you find yourself running on empty, despite your best efforts? If so, you’re not alone. According to recent studies, up to 70% of people experience burnout at some point in their careers. And 40% of us feel like impostors, faking our way through our workday.
The “Burnout and Impostor Syndrome: The Two Silent Workplace Killers” workshop is designed to help employees identify and cope with the symptoms of burnout and impostor syndrome. Burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by chronic workplace stress. Impostor syndrome is a condition in which people doubt their accomplishments and feel like they are frauds.
The Burnout and Impostor Syndrome workshop offers practical tools and strategies for dealing with these two silent workplace killers. You’ll learn how to identify the signs of burnout and impostor syndrome, and how to address them before they take over your life. How to recognize the signs of burnout and impostor syndrome, how to manage stressors that lead to these conditions, and how to build resilience. Participants will also learn about the importance of self-care and will be given practical tips for managing their own wellbeing. This workshop is beneficial for employees who are struggling with burnout or impostor syndrome, as well as for managers who want to create a more supportive workplace environment.

The Secrets of Leading Teams with Introverts

Every leader is leading an introvert

Unlock the Secrets of Leading Teams with Introverts and discover how to maximize their potential. This talk will revolutionize the way you manage teams, by providing valuable insight into understanding and motivating this often overlooked personality type. You’ll learn how to foster an environment conducive to collaboration, stimulate creativity, and identify opportunities for growth that best suit each individual’s needs.

Unlock Your Potential: Executive Presence for Introverts

Let us help you discover how to use your unique qualities to enhance your executive presence. Our exclusive program, “Unlock Your Potential: Executive Presence for Introverts”, will give you the insights and confidence needed to succeed in professional environments.  You will develop a skill-set that combines strength-based self-awareness with tailored strategies specifically designed for introverts.

Inclusion for introverts: How to help your team thrive

Does your workplace help introverts grow and prosper?
Build a workplace where both your introverts and extroverts can be great leaders!
Introverts become more productive, feel they belong and contribute more
Extroverts feel more comfortable around and are more accepting of their quieter colleagues
Teams become more cohesive and work better together
If you manage introverts, this workshop is for you! Inclusion for introverts helps managers learn how to support and advocate for their more introverted employees. The workshop covers the following topics:
-How to create an environment that is inclusive for introverts
-What are the challenges that introverts face in the workplace
-How to identify and address the needs of introverts
This workshop is beneficial for managers because it provides them with the tools they need to create a more inclusive environment for all employees. Additionally, it helps managers better understand the challenges that introverts face in the workplace and how to address their needs.

Uncovering Tactics on Tackling Conflict with Introverts

Are you struggling to build strong connections with your introverted friends and colleagues? Uncovering Tactics on Tackling Conflict with Introverts offers creative solutions to help you navigate relationships with those who prefer a more subtle approach. With plenty of practical tips and guidance, this talk helps you understand the introvert’s way of navigating complex conversations so that everyone can come out feeling heard, appreciated and respected.

Interactive learning experiences that produce POSITIVE RESULTS: Increased performance, team resilience, and change mastery.

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